Introducing Desert Luxury Real Estate

Desert Luxury Real Estate incorporated in 1978, formalizing the dedication of its founders to providing our clients the most complete and continuing real estate services. In addition to purchase and sale brokerage these include financing, rental and management, and renovation assistance.

Our agents themselves have extensive ownership experience, providing a unique ability to assist and support our clients throughout their ownership cycle, not merely at the time of purchase or sale.

Over the past three decades the our team has negotiated the purchase and sale as well as management of virtually every type and size of property. Our high level of fiduciary responsibility is demonstrated by our continuing assignments on behalf of trustees, court appointments, as well as absentee owners who require the most diligent and thorough efforts on their behalf.

We KNOW real estate; its markets and players.

We CO-OPERATE with every brokerage firm and agent. We will show you ALL available properties; our listings, all other company listings, even unlisted property not yet on the market. Just let us know your objectives.

We are: